Patto's 50 and AGM Woodstock

Patto's 50 was first staged to recognise Lloyd Patterson's 50 years of competitive cycling and has become an annual fixture. The 50 km course includes Deerfarm Hill. Click here for course map. Corner stewards are Chris Draper, Charlie Fitzpatrick, Garry Ford, Brad Geyer. The club's AGM will be held after the race.


Waller Realty 56 km Handicap Harcourt

The first of two major races sponsored by Waller Realty courtesy of Tim Noonan, this one takes in the demanding 56 km circuit from Harcourt through Elphinstone, Sutton Grange and Harcourt North. Cick here for course map. Corner stewards are Rob Gartside, Jenny Geyer, Brent Gibson, David Hogan.


CVVCC Club Championships Newbridge

Men's and women's club championships over 52 km, starting and finishing at Newbridge. These races are open to CVVCC members only. Click here for course map. Corner stewards are John Weir, Gary Johnstone, Gary Leech.