Saturday, 14 August 2021 - Patto's 50 Woodstock

Today's Vet's event was Patto's 50, first held several years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of club legend Lloyd Patterson's first race. The course was shortened slightly due to roadworks between Newbridge and the Laanecoorie cross-roads but a westerly breeze and the climb up the deer farm hill ensured it was still a challenging circuit. There were just four bunches and the middle two came together early in the race, partly due to a mechanical (read: flat Di2 battery) which caused a pre-start withdrawal. The rest worked well together and had the leaders in sight with some way to go. Scratch's chase wasn't helped by a red flag at the first corner but in the end that didn't make all that much difference as the combined second and third groups hit the lead with only Ray Caldwell managing to hang on and scratch nowhere in sight. The sprint was into a block head wind with Leigh Wallace (5 min) holding off Brett Williams (5 min) to take the win ahead of Chris Landvogt (5 min), Darren McKellar (5 min) and Jenny Geyer (8 min). Ray Colwell (18 min) was gallant in his 6th place, then came Brent Gibson (scr.) who recorded 6th and fastest time ahead of Jo Stolz (scr.).


Saturday, 31 July 2021 - President's Handicap Newbridge

Small but enthusiastic field for today's 51 km President's Handicap at Newbridge, encouraged by the first glimpse of sunshine we've had for some time. President Brett was pretty hard on himself when he opted for just four bunches and big time gaps and put himself in scratch. He and several others paid the price though the hills on the way to Dunolly, so that only limit and second scratch had retained their full complement of riders by Eddington. The intrepid threesome went through Laanecoorie with a five minute lead over the next bunch and only gave up a couple of minutes on the run back to Newbridge, so that they were able to line up for the sprint with no-one else in sight. Steve Auld (28 min) prevailed in the kick to win from Ross Harding and Di Jane and cap off a great ride by them all. Rob Gartside and Dan Hale (both off 15 min) were next home in a tenacious effort, then Andrew Innes (scr.) led Brent Gibson in to take 6th and fastest time, with the rest not far behind.

Don't forget to get your nominations for committee and executive positions in for before AGM which is just a fortnight away.


Saturday, 10 July 2021 - Graded Scratch Races Laanecoorie

Your correspondent was pretty keen to get the results of today's Vet's racing up, for reasons which shall soon become obvious. An absolutely perfect winter's day and the prospect of a flat course at Laanecoorie was enough to tempt a much-better field of 19 riders to front up for 42 km scratch races, including Dan Hale returning after a long absence. D Grade led off, and the field stayed intact for the full journey with the resulting bunch sprint won by Steve Auld from Di Jane and Ross Harding. Absolutely no-one at the presentation believed Ross's excuse that he thought it was a handicap and did all the work. Next away was A grade, the field bolstered by Andy Innes who had a last-minute pass from corner duty. Once again the field pretty much stayed together and, almost inevitably, Brent Gibson was victorious even after going back to pick up some stragglers. Next home was Brett "Diesel" Williams, followed by Andy Innes. Some completely unbiased observers would say B Grade was the best race of the day. After a pedestrian first four laps, Nigel Barham sensed some weakness in the rest of the field and tried a number of times to get away, without success. Being the gentleman that he is, he stayed on the front for the lead-in to the finishing straight where he was inevitably and some would say unsportingly jumped by Murray Rankin 100 metres from the line. Rob Gartside ran second while Nigel hung on tenaciously to run third. C grade was the only race to feature a solo finish. After a leisurely start by the field, Rob Berry had had enough and took off about three kilometres out. He won by the length of the straight in emphatic fashion. John Weir and Ray Colwell rounded out the podium. All in all, a great afternoon's racing.


Saturday, 3 July 2021 - 35 Km Club Handicap Woodstock

With the threat of rain and strong winds kept many members away. However 8 dedicated racers turned out to brave the cold conditions that greeted them at Woodstock.

A 35km handicap held on the notorious hotdog circuit made the going very tough. The handicapper managed to divide the field into 4 groups with the scratch men chasing down 15mins to the lone limit man.

At the first turn point (Newbridge)2nd limit had caught Ross Harding off limit, whilst second scratch led by Darren McKellar and Brett Williams had clawed back 4mins of the 10min gap, whilst scratch led by Brent Gibson and Andrew Renee Innes had clawed back 90seconds back on McKellar and co.

As they passed the club rooms Ross Harding found the going too tough as Shane Dellavedova and Amy Bentham still held a significant gab. Chief referee James Field was preparing himself for a thrilling finish.

Gibson had distanced himself from Inness to catch the McKellar led 2nd scratch bunch as we hit the powers road hills, however soon found a gap and was in hot pursuit of Dellavedova and Bentham, however even though they were only seconds ahead at the Maryborough road turn, catching them was proving to be very difficult. Gibson finally caught the as they passed Powers road only 1km from the finish for a great win and Fastest Time. Dellavedova showed his experience to defeat Benham to come 2nd and 3rd respectively. Williams sprinted for 4th whilst the ever consistent McLellar 5th and Kerang cyclist Dennis Gillingham 6th.

A big thank you to those corner stewards that braved the cold conditions and Michael Collier Clarke for his dedication ensuring the safety of all the cyclists.


Saturday, 26 June 2021 - Sandy Memorial

The Sandy Memorial Handicap was run today in memory of Alan “Sandy” Sandford, a stalwart of veteran racing over many years and a regular rider in CVVCC events right up to his death in 2019. The race is sponsored by Professor Alan Sandford Jnr who unfortunately could not be at Woodstock today because of Covid restrictions, but was certainly there in spirit.

The 47 km loop through Newbridge and Laanecoorie was not as tough as last week, although a stiff westerly and a strong scratch bunch added a bit of spice to the day. None of the bunches had come together before Laanecoorie but the writing was on the wall as the time gaps were whittled away to almost nothing. Most of the bunches lost riders in the middle part of the race and Ric McIntosh and Mat Grealy hit the front for a while on the run back to Newbridge, but their glory was short-lived when the remnants of scratch and second whistled past at a huge rate of knots. With the wind at their backs, Jo Stolz and Brent Gibson kept up the pressure on the run back to Woodstock and by the time they came into sight of the finish only Brent (scr.), Jo (scr.) and newcomer Phil Garner (5 min) were left. They finished in that order with no-one else in sight, Brent also recording fastest time. Mat Grealy (7 min) was next home, followed by Brett Williams (5 min), Ric McIntosh (7 min), Darren McKellar (5 min), Andrew Innes (scr.), Andy Bos (scr.) and Shane Dellavedova (10 min).


Saturday, 19 June 2021 - Gibson Financial Handicap Newbridge

Although numbers were down for the return from lockdown 4, the brave 16 starters for the 65 km Gibson Financial handicap was an absolute cracker event. The handicapper divided the field into 4 Bunches. It’s was always going to be a hard slog with the Sponsor Brent Gibson riding from scratch chasing 25mins to the limit bunch.

The hard uphill start to Mt Moliagul was taxing on all bunches, however the Limit bunch being driven by try rider Mark Boyd and former sun tour veteran John Annie Weir kept the pace high. At Dunolly the limit group still had a 5 min lead over the 12 min bunch with 2nd and scratch hot on their heels.

At Tarnagulla the 12min group were scooped up by the 2 back bunches. As they hit Llanelly the front markers were in sight of the speeding back markers, however with a fast down hill finish the limit riders were able to sprint to a well deserved win. Mark Boyd in only his 2 Event as a try Rider and not eligible to take the Prize was first across the line ahead of John Weir who was promoted to 1st place.

Shane Dellevadova 2nd, Rob Berry 3rd. Joe Josef Stoltz sprinted the rest in for 4th and Fastest time followed by Brad Geyer 5th, Brent Gibson 6th, Andrew Renee Innes 7th, Shaun White 8th, Jenny Geyer 9th and Andrew Bos rounding out the top 10

Thanks to all today’s Marshall’s, next weeks event is 47km Sandy Memorial at Woodstock. 2pm start.


Saturday, 22 May 2021 - Ric McIntosh Racing Handicap Bagshot

Clearly there are a lot of veteran bike riders around Bendigo who are keen to relieve Ric McIntosh of some of his money. The vets had their best field for a long time at Bagshot today for the annual Ric McIntosh Racing event around the tough 57 km circuit which takes in May Reef Road, Elmore-Raywood Road and the infamous Kamarooka hills. Absolutely perfect weather was probably also a factor in attracting the 32 starters which included trial rider Mark Boyd, with strong scratch and second scratch bunches conceding 32 minutes to limit.

The 26, 30 and 32 minute groups came together early in the race and worked well until they hit the Kamarooka hills. Behind them, the 15 and 19 minute bunches had also joined up and were still clear of the chasers coming into the last 15 km. Scratch, second and third weren't so lucky, each of them not making contact with anyone else until the last few kilometres. Meanwhile, at the front of the race, the leading group thinned out until only Leigh-Anne Dynon, Peter Body and Aileen O'Brien remained. Leigh-Anne (26 min) launched a long way out and capped off a great ride to win from Peter Body (26 min). Paul Dynon (15 min) overtook Aileen O'Brien (30 min) in the final meters to claim third and Jenny Geyer (15 min) proved her consistency by running fifth ahead of Robert Berry (19 min), Terry O'Brien (26 min) Ray Colwell (29 min) and John Weir (19 min). A big bunch contested the sprint for fastest time less then a minute later. Brendan Schultz prevailed and scored tenth place into the bargain. His time was 1 hr 17 min 50 sec at an average of 43.4 km/hr. A great day's racing spoiled only by the loss of three of our road signs which appear to have been nicked during the afternoon. Thanks once again to Ric for his sponsorship.


Saturday, 15 May 2021 - CVVCC Graded Scratch Races Bridgewater

We had good fields for today's scratch races at bustling Bridgewater. The start was moved across the river to avoid traffic in town and on the highway, which meant that all four grades set off directly into a strong headwind all the way to Llanelly before reaping the rewards of an equally powerful tailwind for the final run from Newbridge back to Bridgewater. D grade stayed together until Terry O'Brien caught the rest of the field napping with a strong push a few hundred meters from the line and was able to maintain a good gap all the way. Di Jane ran second and Wendy Bennett third. C grade looked like being a procession when visitor Malcolm McLeod opened up a big break before the half-way mark, but the rest of the field stuck to their guns and were able to pull him back to some degree in the second half. However, it was not enough to stop Malcom registering a strong win from Ray Colwell and Shane Dellavedova. The B grade race turned into a lively affair when both Russell Gilbey and Darren McKellar - optimistically some would say - tried to get away in the final kilometres. Both were brought back by Brett Williams who then finished the job with a comprehensive sprint victory. Sheridan Hall and Darren Mackellar filled the minor places. Brendan Schultz took the race up to the rest of the A grade field by getting off the front on the Llanelly hill. Mechanical problems for one of the chasers hampered their efforts but it was still a fine solo effort. Brendan ended up winning by a good margin, Charlie Fitzpatrick and Darren Jones leading the rest home.


Sunday, 2 May 2021 - Bicycle Centre Bendigo 56 Km Handicap Harcourt

Brad Steigenberger's Bicycle Centre Bendigo sponsored today's Vet's race around the Harcourt - Elphinstone - Sutton Grange - North Harcourt loop, possibly the toughest course we tackle, and the small field was loaded with talent. The weather was perfect. Limit had a big start but small numbers. Their bunch was reduced steadily and David Hare was out in front going up the Gooseneck, having shaken loose Peter Body but with a long way still to go. Scratch, second and third came together before North Harcourt, then Dan Peck jumped away on the lower slopes of the Turdberg to chase down the remnants of the 12 minute bunch and David, who still maintained a healthy lead. In the run to the line Dan swallowed up everyone but David Hare (35 min) who soloed to an impressive victory from Dan who recorded fastest time. Steve Upton (scr) finished third ahead of Dave Hogan (8 min) with a great ride, then came Shaun White (3 min), Shannon Meadows (scr.) and Andrew Innes (3 min) with Nigel Barham (12 min) capping off a stirling effort in 8th spot. Thanks once again to Brad for sponsoring and the corner stewards and officials for making the race safe.


Saturday, 24 April 2021 - 42 km Graded Scratch Races Laanecoorie April 24th.

The fields for today's event at Laanecoorie was bolstered by two visitors from Northern - Christine Foster and Pete Knight - and two first time riders - Dennis Gillingham whose debut was delayed for more than a year by Covid, and Michael Taylor having his first race with the Vets. All four acquitted themselves exceptionally well. The handicapper decided there were just enough entries to go with the scheduled graded scratch races so the fields were small but the competition fierce. Perfect conditions and a pancake-flat course made it difficult for breaks to succeed, but in D Grade Christine Foster and Pete Knight proved too strong and rode away from the rest. Pete won from Christine with Terry O'Brien running third. It was a similar story in C grade as Michael Taylor and John Weir stretched the others. Michael was held up at a corner but still managed to break free from John with Lindsay Williams next home. The pace was solid in B grade and the evenly-matched field stayed together until the final sprint. Dennis Gillingham had looked the strongest all day but was hung out at the front of the pack and was too gentlemanly to roll off, so was swamped in the dash to the line, Rob Gartside outsprinting Jenny Geyer and Murray Rankin. The A graders cruised around the course at what was to them probably a sedate speed of about 40 km/hr. Darren Lapthorne led out the sprint for Brad Geyer to record a win from Brent Gibson and Andrew Innes. All up a great day's racing.


Saturday, 10 April 2021 - 35 Km Handicap Woodstock

The Vets were back at their Woodstock headquarters today for a 35 km trip around the Power's Road block. The race was billed as graded scratch but low numbers (which included new member Don Steward) forced a shift to a handicap event. Cross-winds gusting at up to 50 km/hr made for a hard day in the saddle and, as is often the case, the harder the day the better scratch goes. They overhauled second before Newbridge and ran down the rest of the field - who had beaten themselves senseless fighting into the head wind to Newbridge - with a few kilometres to go. The sprint to the line was interrupted by two dropped chains but that probably didn't affect the final outcome as Brent Gibson won convincingly and recorded fastest time of 50 min 24 sec at 41.5 km/hr. His co-markers Andrew Innes, Darren Jones and Damian Hughes filled the next three places and Shane Dellavedova (9 min) ran fifth.

Good luck to all the CVVCC women members racing in Geelong's Conni Classic tomorrow.


Saturday, 27 March 2021 - 52 km handicap - Newbridge

A big crowd of cyclists, family and old friends flooded into Newbridge today to celebrate John Corry's 90th birthday. The family put a lot of time, effort and money into today's event and they and Jack would have been pleased to see so many familiar faces, some of whom had travelled a long way to be there. Unfortunately some others didn't quite make it it due to the recently introduced Covid restrictions for travellers from Brisbane, and the floods up North didn't make it any easier. Despite all these tribulations, close to 30 riders lined up for the 52 km handicap which consisted of two laps of the Newbridge-Tarnagulla-Laanecoorie loop. The sprint prize on offer after the first lap proved to be too much of a temptation for Ken Lacey who took the cash by the smallest of margins from Di Jane then promptly lost touch with the bunch. The complexion of the race changed completely when Eureka visitor Sharon Boyd rode away from her second limit bunch on the first lap, went straight past limit at Tarnagulla the second time around and disappeared into the distance. From then on it was a scramble for minor placings. At the back of the field, scratch caught the five minute group on the second lap but they didn't see anybody else until the birthday celebrations were in full swing. The seven and 10s came together after 40 km but they too had a lonely ride to the finish. Sharon Boyd (23 min) soloed to the line with no-one else in sight for an impressive victory. The remnants of limit stayed clear until the last few metres when they were caught by the 19 and 23 minute bunches. Aileen O'Brien (28 min) and Terry O'Brien (28 min) fought off the chasers to fill the minor places. They were followed home by Ray Colwell (19 min) , John Weir (19 min) and Di Jane (28 min). Then came Robert Berry (19 min), Melissa Caffrey (23 min), Steve Auld (19 min) and Leigh-Anne Dynon (23 min). Brent Gibson led the scratch bunch home a few minutes later to record fastest time. At the after-race celebrations, Jack reeled off more than a dozen names of people in attendance who he'd ridden with in his 70 plus years of bike racing - what an amazing achievement. Thanks once again to the Corry family for sponsoring the event and celebrations, and congratulations to John Corry on his 90th birthday.


Saturday, 20 March 2021 - Maryborough handicap

Not even the prospect of collecting Shane's, David's and Ross's hard-earned could entice a big field to Maryborough for today's handicap, but we welcomed back No. 1 cloth holder Andy Bos and Damian Vendy after long absences, and local Maryborough boy Tom Pearce for his first race with our club. Small bunches and big gaps made it tough for the backmarkers but the three survivors from scratch and second scratch got together after about 25 km and set about chasing the rest. The eights and 10s joined up with 20 km to go still with a three minute gap in front of the chasers and, driven by a rejuvenated Russ Gilbey, they maintained a steady work rate into the final kilometres. The 15s were collared on the last climb and the galant limit group must have felt they could have reached out and touched the finish line when they felt the hot breath of the pursuing bunch on the back of their necks. Russ Gilbey (8 min) recorded his first win for many years with a commanding drive to the line, a couple of lengths clear of Shane Dellavedova (8 min) and Ray Colwell (15 min). Robert Berry (10 min) was a little further back to claim 4th and he was followed by Terry O'Brien (20 min) , Rob Gartside (8 Min), Steve Auld (10 min), Di Jane (20 min) and Aileen O'Brien (20 min). Andy Bos (scr.) jumped away from his bunch in the home stretch to come in 10th about a minute behind the winner and record fasest time. Thanks to the sponsors David Hare Optometrists, Junction Motel (Ross McDonald) and Dellavadova Fertilisers (Shane Dellavadova). Shane's delightful reds were particularly appreciated by the placegetters, especially Rusty who had reserved the shiraz for himself before he crossed the finish line.


Saturday, 13 March 2021 - Newbridge - 45km Handicap

Who would've thunk it? The first Saturday arvo Vet's race for over a year was run in steady rain after a warm dry morning lulled the starters into a false sense of security. Despite the wet, conditions were not too bad for the 20 hardy souls who fronted up at Newbridge for a 45 km handicap race. Limit was sent off 21 minutes in front of scratch but they were rounded up five km before the end of the first lap by the 16 min bunch who were working well together. The 10s disintegrated as they went through Newbridge, leaving only Steve Auld to tack onto second scratch. These guys were briefly outpaced by three ponies that had escaped from their paddock in Laanecoorie, but were then well and truely outpaced by scratch when they caught up just three km from the finish. The 16s had held a three minute advantage with 10 km to go and were still well clear when they lined up for the sprint, won by Wendy Bennett (16 m) from Di Jane (16 m), Terry O'Brien (16 m), Ken Lacey (21 m) and Aileen O'Brien (16 m). Brent Gibson led the scratch bunch home not long after to record fastest time.


Wednesday, 10 March 2021 - Cantina Crit (Race 2)

Today race went great with 31 riders attending the 2nd Cantina Crit series with good conditions. A grade had 13 riders with a lot of attacks and changes to the lead. Winner was Darren Lapthorne with the final break away 2nd Robbie Hucker 3rd Brent Gibson B Grade had 12 riders how had a lot of attacking too great to watch sprint Winner Justin Leake 2nd Mark Buckell 3rd David Birch C grade was light on riders but good race Winner Peter Ladd 2nd Hayley Walker 3rd Emma Jackson D grade had a good finish with Gary Johnstone just winner of Di Jane  

Sunday, 7 March 2021 - Profound Civil Contracting Classic

As anticipated, today's Profound Civil Contracting Classic at Woodstock was a ripper with the whole field tearing around the course at faster-than-expected pace. Over 90 riders fronted the starter for the 65 kilometre journey in absolutely perfect conditions and a big crowd of onlookers was there to cheer them on. On paper the limit bunches looked the goods with starts up to 38 minuites but they had to stay away from possibly the strongest scratch group the Vets have ever seen at Woodstock. They had cut limit's lead in half by the top of the Tarnagulla hill without making contact with second or third scratch and there were still gaps between most of the other groups. Paul Beasley and Malcom Cole broke away from the other limit riders over the hill and struck out by themselves. The 14s and 16s got together and were able to round up all in front of them except the two leaders who hit the finish line with no-one else in sight. Paul (38m) won narrowly from Malcom (38) to take out the first two places with a fanatastic ride. Alan Nelson (14) was a long way back in third, followed by Darren Reed (14) and Steven Monks (16) who just managed to hold off the big pursuing bunch. Darren Roberts (4) won the kick from Tim Decker (6), John Flood (4), Stephen Kilpatrick (6) and Brent Gibson (4) who rounded out the top ten. The sprint for fastest time was unfortunately marred by traffic congestion but Brendan Schultz (scr) negotiated the traffic jam to narrowly record fastest time ahead of Jarrod Moroni. He completed the journey in 1 hr 21 min 55 sec at a mind-blowing average of 47.4 km/hr. Congratulations to all riders for a great effort and for staying safe, and thanks to all officials and helpers who made the day a scuccess.


Wednesday, 3 March 2021 - Cantina Crit (Race 1)

First night of the Cantina Bendigo series of crits, thanks to Peter Cavallaro for the support. Twenty-seven riders in four grades with all hotly contested. Placings:

A Grade: Darren Lapthorne, Shaun McCarthy,Brent Gibson

B Grade: Jason Finch, Mark Buckell,Justin Leske

C Grade: Sheridan Hall, Peter Ladd, Amy Andrews

D Grade: Leigh-Anne Dynon, Gary Johnstone, DiJane


Sunday, 28 February 2021 - Dale Lowe Signs - final race

What an awesome race today, it was almost impossible for the handicapper to give everyone a fair mark. The sheer quality of the scratch bunch made it all but impossible for anyone else to have a chance.

However Amy Benham was well and truly up to the mark and was able to hold the field at bay with a strong solo finish.

Next over the line in 2nd place and Fastest time was Robbie Hucker who is showing he has lost nothing as he gets older! 3rd was the the winner of the Dale Lowe signs aggregate Charlie Fitzpatrick, 4th was Dan Peck, 5th Brent Gibson, 6th Darren Lapthorne, 7th Jarrad Cook at his first ride with the Central Vic Vets and rounding out the top 8 was Mike Cuming also having his first start with the club.

A big thank you to Aileen O'Brien who has worked tirelessly to keep Wednesday racing alive and those band of helpers who attend each week to keep everyone safe.

Also thanks must go to Dale Lowe for his sponsorship ship of the event

Congratulations to Amy and Charlie winners of the Dale Lowe aggregate for 2021


Wednesday, 24 February 2021 - Dale Lowe Signs - handicap

More great racing in this evening's Dale Lowe Signs Summer Series crits at Murphy Street, big fields (36 starters) and great conditions producing red-hot competition. A Grade continued to grow in size and quality with the addition of three new-to-the-Vets lining up in the field of 16. There were attacks right from the start and they didn't stop for the whole race. The field split into two about half way through with virtually everyone in the leading bunch trying their luck at some point. Brendan Schultz and Jarrod Moroni finally broke clear with a lap and a half to go and finished in that order, clear of Robbie Hucker in third. B grade was another great race with fewer breaks but just as much intensity. Jason Finch took out a hotly contested sprint from Chris Landvogt and Steve Rooney. Peter Ladd Snr turned the clock back a few years when he jumped away early in the C grade event but was brought back and after that the field stayed reasonably intact. The sprint was won by Rob Gartside from Jenny Geyer and Amy Andrews. The small D grade field was content to stay together but the finish was the closest of the night, Leigh-Anne Dynon just edging out Di Jane and Gary Johnstone not far back in third.


Sunday, 21 February 2021 - 56km Handicap - Woodstock

This morning’s 56 km handicap at Woodstock was run in absolutely perfect conditions with just the lightest breeze rustling the grass. Twenty-three riders were split into five roughly equally-sized groups except for scratch which was bolstered by the addition of tree-changer Dan Peck, recently from Northern. As the scratch bunch gets stronger, the gaps get bigger. Limit had 29 minutes start and looked the goods when they turned at Newbridge for the run back to Woodstock with a five minute lead and all four riders working hard. Behind them the 11 minute bunch had caught the 18s and not long after they were joined by second scratch. A fallen branch across the road near Laanecoorie briefly held up all the riders, but it looked like scratch were out of it when they were still three minutes off the back of second scratch with 12 kilometres to go. Once again, all the pundits got it wrong. Scratch caught and passed the whole field in the last few kilometres with Darren Jones (scr.) winning by the smallest of margins from Dan Peck (scr.) in a great sprint. Brent Gibson and Darren Lapthorne completed the scratch quadrella. Ric McIntosh (7 min) and Brett Williams (7 min) were next home and Paul Dynon (11 min) and Matt Grealy (7 min) rounded out the top eight. Darren’s winning time of 1 hr 15m 36 sec was the fastest for this circuit on Strava at an average of 43.9 km/hr. Only a couple of minutes separated first from last - kudos to all the riders and the handicapper.


Wednesday, 10 February 2021 - Dale Lowe Signs - race 4

The 4th race was held tonight of Dale Lowe Summer Series Criterium at Murphy Street. 33 riders attended on a hot night

One trail rider and two riders from Roxsolt which was good to see also welcome to all how raced tonight and helpers.

A grade. 1st Todd Schindler 2nd Martin Banfield 3rd Brendan Schultz

B Grade 1st Mark Buckell 2nd Jason Finch 3rd David Birch

C Grade 1st Michael Smyth 2nd Phil Bone 3rd Duane Cousins

D Grade 1st Wendy Bennett 2nd Leigh Ann Dynon3rd Gary Johnstone


Sunday, 7 February 2021 - Newbridge 53km Handicap

This morning’s 53 Km handicap at Newbridge turned out to be a classic scratch vs limit battle. A head wind for the first 10 km from Newbridge to Tarnagulla put everybody in the hurt locker right off the start line and by the second time up the hill through Llanelly most bunches had lost riders. The two surviving scratch riders did an amazing job to bridge across to second and third scratch before the 40 km mark and, with the help of second, rounded up the 11 and 15 minute bunches not long after. The strong limit bunch stuck together tenaciously and turned into the final straight back to Newbridge with a substantial lead and a good tail wind. Unfortunately for them, the chase behind them ramped up as well with Darren Lapthorne and Brent Gibson driving the bunch. Riders were shelled one by one until only five were left, and they hauled in the gallant limit bunch in the last few kilometres. Brent Gibson (scr.) won the sprint and recorded fastest time over Darren Lapthorne (scr.) with Brett Williams (6 min) earning the ride of the day award to run third ahead of Matt Grealy (6 min) and Ric McIntosh (6 min). Terry O’Brien (26 min) led the other limit markers Di Jane, Aileen O’Brien and Wendy Bennet home not long after in a great team effort. Dale Lowe (9 min) rounded out the top ten.


Wednesday, 3 February 2021 - Dale Lowe Signs - race 3

Tonight was the first handicap race for the Dale Lowe signs summer series held at Emu Creek 25 km along Story’s road over the gooseneck to telephone exchange and finishing before the raise . 31 riders started tonight 13 riders how rode tonight it was there first race in the summer series for 2021 Great to see everyone attend.

We had 7 bunches From scratch to 16 mins

Very strong field at back of race, Well done to all riders how raced as this course is a tough one

Congratulations Winner Hayley Walker 2nd Amy Benham 13 mins 3rd Sheridan Hall 4th. Jenny Geyer 5th Sandy Agnoltto 7 mins 6th. Joe Stoltz. 1 , 1/2mins Fastest time:Charlie Fitzpatrick scratch


Sunday, 31 January 2021 - 47 km handicap - Newbridge

We were back at Newbridge today for the first time in nearly a year for a 47 km handicap consisting of two laps of the Newbridge- Laanecoorie loop. The smallish field of 21 was split into six bunches with scratch giving up 21 minutes to limit. A block head wind from Newbridge to the crossroads put everyone under pressure right from the start. By five kilometres into the second lap scratch had rounded up second and were bearing down on third. A couple of untimely punctures thinned out the lead groups but they managed to hold off scratch until the last few kilometers. The backmarkers opened up a big lead on the run home where Darren Lapthorne (scr.) won from Brent Gibson (scr.) with Shaun White(scr.) and Mathew Grealy (5 min) not far away in 3rd and 4th. Chris Draper (10 min), Greg Chapman (14 min) and Robert Berry (16) were next home and Garry Leech (14 min)rounded out the places.


Wednesday, 27 January 2021 - Dale Lowe Signs - Race 2

Another great night of racing for the second Dale Lowe Signs Summer Series crit at Murphy Street. 31 riders started in great conditions apart from a blustery cross-wind. A Grade was once again the biggest field with 14 riders lining up. Darren Lapthorne, Charlie Fitzpatrick and Chris Eddy got away before the half-way mark and it took too long for the chasers to get organized, letting the leading three open up a 40 second gap at one stage. Charlie won from Darren and Chris came in third, only a couple of seconds ahead of the pack who finally got together in the last three laps. B Grade was more of a race of attrition. Riders were dropped one by one until only four were left in the last five minutes. New rider David Birch attacked with a lap to go but was run down in the home straight by Steve Rooney who won from Mark Buckell with David third. Amy Benham lined out the C Grade field in the first couple of laps before things calmed down. There were three together in the concluding stages to fight out the finish, Rob Gartside weaving a course through a bunch of overtaken riders to win from Russ Gilbey and Amy Benham. Paul Stuckenschmidt marked his return to racing with a solid win in D Grade, out-gunning Aileen O'Brien in the sprint. Next week's Summer Series race is a handicap at Emu Creek.


Sunday, 24 January 2021 - 47km Handicap - Woodstock

The heat wasn't too bad out at Woodstock this morning for the 47 km club handicap, at least not for the officials - the riders may have had a different view. It was calm and about 27 degrees when the field of 20 set off from Woodstock and was hovering around 32 degrees just 66 minutes and 20 seconds later when winner Brent Gibson crossed the finish line to record an average of 42.7 km/hr. In that time the strong scratch bunch had mercilessly and progressively reeled in each of the five-strong groups in front of them to hit the lead with about 10 kilometers to go. Not many could stay with them for long and the four surviving scratchies - Brent, Darren Lapthorne, Andrew Innes and Peter Ladd jnr came in to the finish with a big gap back to Tony Byrne (4m) and Brett Williams (4 min). Peter Ladd (4 min) was the next home followed by impressive trial rider Robert Berry (20 min), Aileen O'Brien (20 min) and Terry O'Brien (20 min).


Wednesday, 20 January 2021 - Dale Lowe Signs - race 1

The Dale Lowe Signs Summer Series got off to a great post-Covid start tonight when 26 riders took part in graded criterium races at Murphy Street. It was a tough night for the handicapper when a number of new faces lined up at the start line and the form of nearly everyone was a great unknown. A and B grades finished in thrilling bunch sprints, Todd Schintler recording a win in his first Vets race in the former and Brad Geyer just edging out Kris Gill in the latter. Apologies to Charlie Fitzpatrick and John Flood - Charlie mistakenly awarded third in A grade ahead of John Flood before a video review reversed the placings. I'm sure they'll sort the prize money out in a gentlemanly fashion. Greg Smith was a worthy winner in C Grade ahead of Rob Gartside and Amy Benham blitzed the D grade field, riding away from Di jane and Aileen O'Brien. Thanks to the handicapper Aileen O'Brien and all the volunteer helpers who made it a great first night back.


Sunday, 17 January 2021 - Woodstock 35Km

Our first day of racing under the Auscycling banner was a great success. We had 26 starters including several riders from other clubs (thanks Castlemaine) and another racing under the Auscycling one-month free trial licence. What with a nearly twelve month lay-off and many new faces, the handicapper had a tough time getting riders in the right grades for the 35 km journey around the Power's Road block, and the blustery cross-wind for pretty much the whole journey didn't help. As a result, every grade finished with a reduced-bunch sprint and a lot of riders had a lonely trip home from Newbridge. A Grade was the biggest but only four made it to the finish - Brett Williams the last to to drop from the bunch when he missed a wheel. Brent Gibson won by a good margin from Andrew Innes and David Bakes. It was a similar result in B Grade where Chris Draper proved too strong for Rob Gartside and Peter Ladd. Peter Body won C Grade from Steve Auld and John Weir, while Di Jane pipped Aileen O'Brien on the line ahead of Terry O'Brien in third to take D grade.

Despite the announcement at the hall, next week's race will actually also be at Woodstock for a 47 km handicap, and don't forget that entries for Wednesday night's Dale Lowe Signs Summer Series crits at Murphy Street will be shut off at 6:00 p.m. for a 6:30 start.


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